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Actuators attach to the plates and the boat to perform the required adjustments to trim level. They are quiet, and maintenance free. Bennett actuators are built to last, and backed by Bennett’s legendary support.

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For both hydraulic or electric systems there are different control options. There are many different types of trim tab controls which also include trim tab indication. Switches feature LED lights and auto tab retraction. Getting to know your controls and switches is essential in order to choose what is right for you and your boat. Find out more by clicking the link below.

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In general the widest span tabs that will fit on the transom will be the most effective. The greater the surface area, the greater the lift. We‘ll typically recommend a 9” chord tab, but depending on available transom space a shorter or longer chord tab, or specially shaped tabs with upfins or dropfins may be advised.

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Any time you have two different metals that are physically or electrically connected and immersed in seawater, they become a battery. Some amount of current flows between the two metals. The electrons that make up that current are supplied by one of the metals giving up bits of itself — in the form of metal ions — to the seawater. This is called galvanic corrosion and, left unchecked, it quickly destroys underwater metals.

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